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Booking Criteria

Please read the following information before applying to perform at East End the Venue.

EEV has three requirements for booking acts to play at the venue: performance quality, political content and an audience base in Akron- Kent-Canton (A-K-C). Please consider whether you believe you meet all three of these criteria before applying to perform.

Performance Quality

Many outstanding performers live in Akron-Kent -Canton. A-K-C audiences have come to expect quality, professional performances in this city’s venues. Given the number of interested performers and the expectations of our audiences, booking is on a highly selective basis.

EEV was founded by James Yu, who believe there should be an  Akron venue presenting music that relates directly to humanitarian and social justice concerns. While all music may be political in some respects, EEV seeks something more direct. For example: musicians offering the music of an oppressed culture struggle for equality ; a gay or lesbian singer; Folk Punk Band / singers; an act presenting songs about the protection of our environment;... The list goes on.

Political Content

Audience base in


Unfortunately, this criterion has become necessary for the survival of the venue. The out-of-pocket costs to EEV for a single evening are high and the larger share of the money taken in at the door goes directly to the performers. The amount requested for admission is kept quite modest for political/ethical reasons and people wishing to attend may pay more or less as they choose. This means that for EEV to survive economically, it needs to book either a single act or two to three separate acts each show that really can attract an audience either on the strength of their name or through their own grassroots followings.

**If you believe your act meets the first two criteria, but doesn’t have an A-K-C draw, there are some strategies that may work for you. Some performers have put together a combination show--yourself and someone with a big draw willing to share with you. Perhaps, the other act (with all the A-K-C fans) has no draw in the town where you are popular, so they do a show there with you as an exchange. Maybe they just like you and believe in you. Another plan is to work with a local group, such as an activist organization, that will support your performance with its members and publicity.

If you're interested in performing and feel you meet our criteria, write to the Booking Committee at and include the following information:

Brief description of your material

Short bio

List of the last several venues where you have performed

Link to any website/ social media where your music is available.

Please note, we are a volunteer-run organization, so allow us some time to respond.


PA & Backline *

Please note, the venue provides PA (public address sound system and sound engineering). The Backline, if needed, is the responsibility of the Artist unless otherwise agreed with the vnenue

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